Coalition on a Mission

The Brevard Youth Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition is a group of concerned organizations and individuals taking action to reduce substance abuse in Brevard County. 

The Coalition works to prevent and reduce substance abuse in Brevard County by implementing environmental stategies to create population-wide change. The Coalition uses a combination of information, education and policy change to address substance abuse among all age groups.


Get Involved

The Coalition invites any interested individual or organization in Brevard to join our effort. The coalition meets once a month on the third Thursday, see Calender for meeting dates, times and locations. Current membership includes representatives from education, law enforcement, treatment, youth, parents, prevention, and mental heath, among others.



  • Participate in Coalition and committe meetings
  • Volunteer time to assist in Coalition events
  • Help educate the communitiy about Coalition priorities
  • Support legislation
  • Advocate for policies to reduce access to substances
REMINDER: May 20th, 2012 – May 26th, 2012 is National Substance Abuse Prevention Week. Parents, talk to your teens about underage drinking. Alcohol kills more teens every year than all illegal drugs combined. Drinking is illegal for anyone under the age of 21. Teens who drink are at high-risk for engaging in behaviors that lead to negative consequences, including injuries and even death.